PPE europe builds the most efficient, environmentally and socially sustainable production facilities for PPE equipment through reshoring

We chose a sustainable supply chain for all of our “Made in EU” personal protective equipment by reshoring.

Group — PPE europe guarantees sustainable and high quality products without customs barriers

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We intend to become Europe’s major producer of sustainable personal protective equipment and hygiene products. By reshoring we produce high class protective equipment such as masks, adult diapers, nonwoven materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) at several locations in Germany and in Europe.

Our manufacturing in Germany and Europe guarantees reliable protection and fast delivery of personal protective equipment.

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Units — Efficient and ecological production of first-class products in five units

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Using the latest generation of machines, we manufacture in Germany to the highest standards worldwide. Our respirators not only have certifications for the highest protection for aerosols today but are prepared for higher requirements in the future. This applies to FFP2 masks as well as to all medical grade face masks.

Orange pixelated number: Production will increase to 25 million masks per month by the end 2022

With our desire for maximum transparency, we show our products as well as certifications and production capacities.

PPE mazk – white FFP2 mask, Karla
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Our production in Germany addresses the increasing need for highly absorbent adult diapers. Our disposable diapers are characterized by their versatility of use and their absorbent properties. Especially the market for adult diapers is a global growth market addressing the growing elderly population.

Green pixelated number: 17 million high quality adult diapers per month

Our highly specialized team combines data analysis with latest incontinence aid expertise for maximum production capacity.

PPE dipa – white adult disposable diaper
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We take pride in producing each of our nitrile gloves in the European Union using sustainable production methods. As a member of PPE Europe AG, we prioritise the use of renewable energies in our manufacturing processes to ensure high quality disposable gloves that meet our strict standards.

Blue pixelated number: 200 million products per month
By manufacturing powder-free, disposable nitrile gloves, we ensure high wearing comfort and reliable protection.
PPE gluv – blue disposable nitrile glove
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As a manufacturer of Nonwovens, we use modern meltblown technology for our certified products. Nonwovens offer special safety features such as infection and disease prevention and are created from polypropylene to high-tech fibers.

Purple pixelated number: Revenues over 190 million euros in 2023
Our state-of-the-art processes through smart production of cutting-edge nonwovens create fast responsiveness and reliable protection.
PPE nowo – white nonwoven fabric swatch
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In addition to the production of personal protective equipment (PPE), we offer consulting, testing and medical marketing of pharmaceutical products. By 2025, our workforce will grow to hundreds of employees, committed to a better future and adding great value with outstanding and much-needed medical products.

Pink pixelated number: Projected growth of our workforce to 900 by 2024
To act responsibly for a better future, we offer exclusive services regarding testing, consulting and marketing.
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