PPE europe ensures sustainable production facilities for Personal Protective Equipment in Europe with a shortened supply chain by reshoring.

As innovation leaders “Made in Europe”, we produce hygiene products and personal protective equipment (PPE) with state-of-the-art technology, while environmental protection and emission-free production are a matter of course for us. By reshoring, we chose a sustainable supply chain for all of our personal protective equipment “Made in EU”.

Mission and Benefits — Reliable production of high-quality products in Europe at world market prices

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We protect health by building reliable and sustainable European production capacities. Our clear goals are the most efficient, environmentally and socially sustainable production factories that continue to provide superior yet affordable personal protective equipment and hygiene products “Made in EU”. Through reshoring we remain independent.

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Superior quality — Made in Europe

We are comprehensively certified and guarantee consistent and reliable quality “Made in EU” by reshoring and strongly setting up our sustainable supply chain. Careful compliance with all applicable European quality standards and an absolutely transparent ESG-compliant supply chain are paramount for us.

Fast, reliable and cost effective

We ensure compliance with all European social and labor standards. As we produce with state-of-the-art technology, environmental protection and emission-free production are a matter of course for us. Our decentralized production facilities use on-site energy generation (biogas and wind energy) to massively reduce our CO2 footprint of our products.

Sustainable reshoring

Our production facilities take advantage of proven, industry-leading infrastructure in EU through reshoring, while simultaneously being geared to sustainability as well as speed of delivery our premium quality products. While we avoid offshoring we are also actively shorting all supply chains significantly.

Intelligent production technology

We are innovation leaders and produce with the most modern machines available on the market. Our highly flexible controllable production and the fulfillment of special customer requirements ensure efficient production with maximum productivity. By continuously accelerating the introduction of new technologies, we stay flexible to future challenges.

Customer centric

Our experienced team understands how to reliably respond to customer requests and is used to combine human expertise in an intelligent and meaningful way with state-of-the-art data analytics. This forward-looking approach ensures a new level of operational efficiency while simultaneously fulfilling individual wishes as well as market demands.

Strong partnerships

As an audited company according to SMETA standards, we exclusively work with audited partner companies, that guarantee the same quality and fair working conditions throughout the entire supply chain. The result are long-term contracts with highly specialized and reliable experts of established service providers and suppliers.


High performing specialists

We are innovation-driven specialists in the field of manufacturing and produce high-quality personal protective equipment as well as hygiene products. Our team has many years of experience in the production and further processing of nonwovens, gloves and diapers. In addition, we know exactly how to build effective high-performance production capacities.

Companies — Co-operative collaboration of industry experts under PPE europe

Under the umbrella of PPE europe are outstanding companies that not only distinguish themselves on the basis of know-how that is put into practice on a daily basis, but also make use of the latest technology. After the foundation of PPE Germany, the companies Protection Impuls Manufacturing (Offenbach, Germany), STB Trading and STB Consulting (Frankfurt, Germany) and Alma Atlas (Campina, Romania) were acquired.
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